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Target Evolution Inc is a Texas based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 2011 with a mission to train youth to earn money with a small business and entrepreneurship through our Teen Biz programs and products.

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Crystal Victoria

Founder & Executive Director

Crystal Victoria, a Houston-based author and entrepreneur, is a leading figure in the field of youth entrepreneurship education. With six published books and a college textbook on entrepreneurship to her name, she offers valuable insights to both budding youth entrepreneurs and educators. As the Founder of Target Evolution Incorporated, a nonprofit organization, Crystal empowers youth aged 8 to 18, using experiential learning in retail environments to build entrepreneurship skills, communication, and confidence. Over the past four years, Crystal has built six retail stores called "Trail Blaze: A Teen Biz Pop-Up Shop", which sell products by teen entrepreneurs and is also managed by youth in Dallas and Houston. She has secured partnerships with Macy's and Brookfield Property Group to expand opportunities for youth entrepreneurs to earn money in high traffic luxury malls and retail stores. Her vision is to expand Target Evolution into a nationally recognized nonprofit, furthering her commitment to youth empowerment.

Sahithi Bommareddy

Executive Assistant

Sahithi Bommareddy is a Computer Science Grad student at University of Texas at Dallas. She is the Executive Assistant and Outreach Coordinator at Target Evolution. She loves adventure and the outdoors.

Nino Agustin

Sponsor and Donor Specialist

Nino Agustin is a sophomore at University of Texas at Dallas pursuing a Bachelor’s in Biology. He's excited to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals and gain insight on the entrepreneurship world.

Jarin Priyosha

Social Media Manager

Jarin Priyosha is a freshman at University of Texas at Dallas and majoring in Marketing. She is Target Evolution’s Social Media Manager and aims to share our message through digital media. She loves to read, bake, and listen to music in her free time.

Allison Torres

Product Quality Control

Allison Torres is a Freshman majoring in Accounting at University of Texas at Dallas. She is Target Evolution's Product Quality Control Lead. She enjoys food, crime podcasts, and being able to spend time with friends and family!

Polita Francis

Community Outreach Coordinator

Polita Francis is a Junior at University of Houston. She is our Community Outreach Coordinator.

Abdala Aljewarane

Community Software Developer

Abdala Aljewarane is a second year Computer Science student at University of Texas at Dallas and the Software Developer at Target Evolution. He enjoys coding, gaming and staying active in his free time.

Andrew Cobble

Special thanks to Andrew Cobble for writing our blog posts and being amazing! Andrew recently graduated from University of Texas at Dallas with a Masters of Social Work, and has transitioned to a new super hero role in the futuristic city of Metropolis. The Target Evolution team thanks him for his dedicated service!

How Does It Work? Our LEAR Methodology

Why are we #1? Our LEAR Metholodogy puts experiential learning at the center of a data-driven and evidence-based approach to youth entrepreneurship education and development. It includes Lean Startup, Remote-Work Experience, and a Pop Up Shop providing youth and teens the opportunity to earn money with their own small business upon successful completion

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